Blokhedz: Music, Magic, & Mayhem 

is an interactive exhibit featuring art, animation, and urban vinyl figures from the pages of the graphic novel. Blokhedz fuses the energy of American graffiti with Japanese Anime aesthetics. The result is Empire City - a world that seamlessly blends science fiction with magic and traditional African, Afro-Latin and African diasporic spiritual mysticism.

Hip hop and comics collide


 To commemorate the exhibit launch the

Hip Hop Archive hosted a panel discussion, titled “Visual Translation: Crafting the Sonic, Signifying, and Visceral Imaginary in Graphic Novels” spotlighted Street Legends Ink’s Madtwiinz (Mark and Mike Davis) as they discussed all things BLOKHEDZ, the culture, and comics. The panel was moderated by Professor Marcyliena Morgan - Director of Hip Hop Archive and Research Institute and speakers included luminaries from comics, academia, and Hollywood:

    •    Erika Alexander - Actress, Writer, Producer, Co-Creator of graphic novel Concrete Park
    •    Tony Puryear - Screenwriter, Co-Creator of graphic novel Concrete Park
    •    Nicole Hodges Persley - Professor, Actress, Director - University Kansas
    •    John Jennings - Professor, cartoonist, designer, graphic novelist - University of Buffalo (SUNY), Deborah Whaley - Professor, Visual Artist, curator - University of Iowa

The standing-room only event was the culmination of an exciting week in which the BLOKHEDZ: Music, Magic, & Mayhem (link) exhibit opened at Harvard Hip Hop Archives. Hit the video at the jump to check out an excerpt from this exciting event. 

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